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Art and Design at St Dunstan’s

‘Creativity is contagious, pass it on.’ Albert Einstein

Skills in the Arts enhance life-long learning, nurture enjoyment of creativity and develop skills which can be transferred across the curriculum. In providing a well-rounded arts education, we give children the tools to express themselves individually, the confidence to try something new and the opportunities to contribute to other people’s enjoyment through expressive performances and presentations.

We develop a high-quality art and design programme of study through firstly engaging the children with a range of world artists and art styles such as Pop Art with Andy Warhol, Impressionists, Cubist artists, sculpture, photographers, contemporary artists such as Eric Joyner and classic artists such as Hans Holbein, Raphael and Da Vinci. The children investigate each style, the media used and interpret what they think the painting is trying to express and how the art makes them feel.

Through these learning experiences, children are inspired to explore new skills and techniques to create art works in similar styles but reflective of their own creativity. We have designed our art curriculum to allow children to build upon their existing skills and, ultimately, grow in confidence in using different techniques.

We aim for all children to see themselves as artists, to have confidence in their own ability and awareness that with plenty of practice and willingness to listen to feedback, they can continually improve and produce work of a high standard.

During their time at St Dunstan’s, children will have the opportunity to experience and develop skills in many types of art and design work, including:

  • drawing
  • collage
  • sewing
  • printing
  • model making
  • painting
  • claywork
  • textiles
  • photography
  • sculpture

    All year groups study a focus artist in order to learn more about the journey of the artist and the styles and techniques used, as well as to facilitate familiarity with and appreciation of well-known pieces of art. We encourage all children to respond to art work: to make comments about how the art makes them feel; to critique the style and techniques utilised; and to make comparisons between other artists’ styles or art works. We then integrate this art appreciation into the classroom, modelling for the children how to give and receive critical feedback in order to help them consider ways to improve their artistic skills.




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