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Chaplaincy at St. Dunstan's

  The Aim of our Chaplaincy Team
To listen to each other and to be good role models to others.
To help the school to be a community of faith.
To support the school in its Mission Statement.

St. Dunstan’s has a dynamic and enthusiastic Chaplaincy Team. We pray together, work together and have lots of fun whilst discovering more about our faith. We are an active and dedicated team of 24 pupil Chaplains who have a vital role to play in enhancing the Religious Life of our school. We have a desire to deepen their own faith, we want to create opportunities for people to become closer to God, we are passionate about helping others and want to help spread the word of God.  

Chaplaincy Team Prayers (used to begin and end each meeting):

Chaplaincy2 Chaplaincy3

The job of the Chaplaincy Team has a very high profile in school and some of the tasks we carry out are shown below:  

Teaching the Rosary to other children:


Outreach to Local Communities:





Leading the Rosary (for parents and Pupils):  


Promoting Charities and learning about social justice:

Chaplaincy10   Chaplaincy11


Maintaining an inspirational environment in the Chaplaincy Room:



Preparation of Class Prayer Tables:


Working with CAFOD on new initiatives:



‘Ambassadors of Kindness’ on the playground:


Leading Worship Workshop:


Creating Prayers for School Use:

Chaplaincy20 Chaplaincy21


We thank you, Father, for our grandparents. They are fun!
They are always so happy to see us and give us a warm feeling.
We thank you, Father, for our grandparents. They are wise!
Every story, every song, every photo and every smile reminds us just how blessed we are to have grandparents.
Help me to always remember the fun times we have together.
Those grandparents we see every day; those who live far away.
And those who watch over us in Heaven.
Thank you, Father.

For the endless stories of the good old days, we thank you, O Lord, for our grandparents
For homemade cooking that just keeps on coming, we thank you, O Lord, for our grandparents.
For heaps of cookies and cuddles in bed,
When night times are later than mummy had said
You’ve sent to us grandparents that heaven has blessed we thank you, O Lord, for our grandparents

Some of our grandparents can hold us by the hand Some of our grandparents have God as their friend But one thing is certain that grandparents possess: a special, eternal love, for me.

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