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Cooking and Nutition
Whole School Map - Design and Technology
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Design and Technology
Design and Technology at St. Dunstan’s Design and Technology is an inspiring and practical subject which uses children’s creativity and imagination to design, make and evaluate products for a variety of purposes. Our Design and Technology curriculum gives children opportunities to be resourceful, consider the needs of others and draw on disciplines such as maths, science and art. Through a safe learning environment, children feel empowered to take risks, which leads to a positive sense of self-esteem by grappling with new learning and design problems in a practical, creative and purposeful way.

Marshmallow and Spaghetti Towers

Pupils develop teamwork skills whilst learning about structures.


Exploring and learning from inventions from Ancient Civilisations.

Children work through the design process, produce a solution and evaluate the finished product, building a repertoire of knowledge and skills which can be developed as they progress through the curriculum. Through the evaluation of their own designs as well as of past and present design and technology, children will develop a critical understanding of the use of design and technology in their own daily life and in the wider world.


Children drew upon their understanding of design to create paper mobiles for a clear purpose.

Year 1 Toys Workshop

Evaluation of designs, mechanisms and materials of toys from the past.

For children to achieve high quality results to design problems they work through 4 aspects:
  • Design- develop, plan and communicate design ideas
  • Make- work with tools, equipment and materials
  • Evaluate- testing, evaluate products and modifying ideas
  • Technical Knowledge- of materials and components.
Our curriculum allows children to explore structures, textiles, mechanisms and control as well as food, through our Cooking and Nutrition curriculum. We aim to instill a love of cooking and ensure that children are taught how to cook, to develop an understanding of nutrition and knowledge of where food comes from.

Through Lego, pupils develop understanding of mechanisms through building a Ferris Wheel and controlling the movement of the wheel to allow Lego figures to have a ‘fun’ ride.

Cooking and Nutrition

Cooking through the curriculum

To develop understanding of other cultures and religion, pupils prepare and make food e.g. apple cakes for Rosh Hashana, chapatis for India Week.

Let’s Get Cooking - At the LGC club, children learn to prepare and cook a range of healthy and tasty meals.


Bake Off - Each year we invite children and staff to take part in a themed baking competition, which our school chef judges.


Food origins
- Mr Hodges our talented school chef makes healthy and tasty meals for us. We picked apples from our apple tree which he used to make tasty apple cakes for lunch.
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