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History and Geography

History and Geography Learning at St Dunstan’s

At St. Dunstan’s, we want children to learn History, but to also learn to be young historians. As such, a high-quality history education at St Dunstan’s, will help children gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. It inspires curiosity and provides them with the tools and techniques to question the events and occurrences of the world around them.

The high-quality geography education at St Dunstan’s, is planned to inspire a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with the children for the rest of their lives. Our curriculum blends learning with practical fieldwork to provide children with opportunities to contextualise their understanding.

Children have an understanding of other cultures and develop an appreciation of the local and wider communities of the modern world. A St. Dunstan’s learner leaves school as a competent and lifelong geographer who not only understands the world around them but can question what it should look like and propose suggestions to influence much needed change.

Teachers plan engaging learning sequences with a focus on developing the vocabulary needed for them to communicate confidently about their learning. Often the learning will be linked to English learning through a range of non-fiction and fiction books to help get a deeper understanding of the time period or current issues around the world today. Additionally, some aspects of the learning may also be taught in other subjects such as maths e.g. grid references, graphs; science e.g. fossils, rocks and soils; art e.g. architecture of the time, artwork of the time.

At times, the learning may also be enriched through the links to the children’s learning across the curriculum and trips and visitors to school. For example in Year 3, the pupils visit Butser Farm and take part in archaeological digs to learn how evidence was found to help us know about the people in the Stone and Iron Ages. The pupils will work in a Round House to weave wool and create bronze jewellery; just being at the Farm will allow children to have a clearer understanding of how the people in these ages, actually lived.

Geography and History have their own sets of knowledge and ways of thinking, they are two separate subjects taught with the specific discipline of the subject in mind. However, there are aspects of learning from both subjects that help to connect the learning and deepen the understanding for pupils. Therefore, the table below shows the overview of both subjects’ topics and when they are taught over the year. Please see the each Year Group’s Overview for further details of the learning. 

Whole School History and Geography Unit Learning 

History and Geography Lower School

History and Geography KS2


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