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‘Creativity is contagious, pass it on.’ Albert Einstein

Skills in the Arts enhance life-long learning, nurture enjoyment of creativity and develop skills which can be transferred across the curriculum. In providing a well-rounded arts education, we give children the tools to express themselves individually, the confidence to try something new and the opportunities to contribute to other people’s enjoyment through expressive performances and presentations.

Music is at the core of our creative expression at St Dunstan’s; we encourage the children to learn rhymes and songs from the moment they join us in the Early Years. Throughout the year there are numerous opportunities for children to learn and practice songs and hymns and then to perform these for others during Class Collective Worships, Masses, Liturgies and Nativities as well as through the Talent Show, Drama Production, and French Café.

In addition to vocal expression, the curriculum is also designed to provide children with opportunities to learn to use un-tuned instruments, e.g. bells, tambourines and drums, and tuned instruments, e.g. glockenspiel, xylophone and keyboards. Children listen to a variety of music genres from different time periods (such as Classical, Jazz, Motown and Pop) and learn what inspired their creation.

Children begin using un-tuned instruments in the Early Years and Year 1 which provides the foundation for learning to play the recorder in Year 2, the Ukulele in Year 3 and Clarinet or Trumpet in Year 4. Once the children reach Year 5 and 6, they have learnt to read basic notation and can play notes and chords on different instruments. Teachers then build upon these skills (pitch, dynamics, tempo and timbre) to develop knowledge of music theory as well as to teach pupils how to appraise music and improvise and/or compose their own music for different purposes.

For those children who wish to explore their musicality even further, we offer opportunities outside of the classroom through Surrey Arts (which provides 1 to 1 instrumental lessons) and through clubs such as KS 2 Choir and KS 2 Drama, as well as through external club providers who lead Singing and Musical Theatre Clubs for both Key Stages.

During the Summer term, the children in Years 2, 3 and 4 perform concerts for their parents and the children in younger year groups in order to showcase their learning as well as inspire the next generation to learn to play an instrument.

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