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Physical Education (PE)

At St. Dunstan’s we provide a range of opportunities for children to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding so that they can perform with increasing competence and confidence in range of physical activities. Our vision is to offer our children a curriculum that has one of the most generous arrays of sports in the area. We are forever seeking to maintain our growing breadth and always seek to find new sports to engage our pupils. Ultimate frisbee, basketball and lacrosse have recently been added to previously existing invasion games. Adding archery, rocket fuel cricket and tri golf in recent years has developed individual needs. Our curriculum includes games, dance, gymnastics, swimming and water safety, athletics and outdoor adventure activities.

In Key Stage 1 we still aim to provide the children with a solid foundation of skills, moving slightly further away from traditional sports, but rather focusing and trying to improve the ABC’s. In sporting terms these are referred to as Agility, Balance and Coordination. As with every subject, if children do not learn the fundamentals first, then they will potentially struggle later. The Real PE scheme of work that we use, enables these three core skills to grow. The children don’t always know they are taking part in sport, but simply enjoy the physical activity being delivered. Which means it’s working! We structure fun and energetic activities into a safe learning environment.

We are always looking to develop our brilliant staff’s understanding and confidence, and one key way we enable this is by utilising outside professionals to help inspire the children. Over the past year it has been our pleasure to have worked alongside professionals in cricket, hockey, football, ultimate frisbee, basketball and badminton.

Trying to find things we love in life can sometimes be tricky. As a school we are passionately committed to helping our young children arm themselves with as many opportunities to find something they really enjoy. Being active and enjoying it, can have so many positive repercussions mentally, physically, socially….

Our focus is to continue providing more fun and to encourage everyone to be as actively involved in the sporting community as they can. Lunchtime competitions, interhouse competitions, friendly tournaments, festivals, as well as competitive activities, will hopefully see as many children as possible participate.

Additionally, we are very pleased and driven to provide a wide range of extra-curricular sports clubs such as dance, yoga, athletics, netball, football, dodge-ball, tag rugby, running, golf, rounders, lacrosse, judo and gymnastics.

Despite the euphoria we can feel, sport is not about winning. But rather it’s about creating a love for physical activity and all the joy that comes with it. It’s about creating fun, allowing the children to explore new things in a safe environment and to connect with others. This is why sport is at the forefront for St. Dunstan’s and we will always look to offer sport for ALL not just the select few!

Gold School Games Mark Award

Gold School Games Mark

It is with delight that we are able to announce that, for the first time we have achieved the School Games Mark Gold Award for the 2017/18 academic year.

Over the past few years as a school we have driven PE successfully giving sporting opportunity to a huge range of children. We have earned the award which is based on our extensive PE curriculum, wide range of sporting options, talent pathways, school and club links, vast and worthwhile leadership opportunities, extra-curricular sport and having an array of sports teams compete at the highest levels.

The School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success.

With many of our teams competing in local inter-school competitions this year, we are extremely proud of our students for their dedication to all aspects of school sport, including those young volunteers, leaders and officials who made our competitions possible. As part of our application, we were asked to fulfil criteria in the areas of participation, competition, workforce and clubs, and we are pleased that the hard work of everyone at our academy has been rewarded this year.

We look forward to applying once again in 2019.

Thank you to our PE team and class teachers for their dedication to provide sports clubs to coach the children to take part competitively and confidently in competitions against other schools.



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