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St. Dunstan's Curriculum

The National Curriculum is just one element of the new 2014 school curriculum. We also strive to deliver a broad and balanced ‘local’ curriculum which "Promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils, and prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life". DFE 2013

The learning the children undertake is distinctive to our school and the values we feel underpin our school culture.  Our school mission statement is the focus of our St.Dunstan's Curriculum which has six key drivers.  These are:

Community Matters
Developing a sense of community and belonging, contributing to our community through direct interaction and making links with local organisations. Understanding citizenship and democracy.
Keen to be Green
Considering world concerns of global warming, climate change,  and eco footprints. The children will learn how we are able to look after the environment whilst raising their understanding and knowledge of sustainability.
Healthy Lifestyles
Encouraging healthy choices around food, physical activities and developing positive relationships and emotional well-being. 
International St Dunstan’s
Celebrating the school’s diversity and using the cultural roots of pupils and their families to develop an interest in countries across the globe, making comparisons to their own lives. 
Fundraising and Enterprise
Developing financial awareness, in years 5 and 6, children are involved in an enterprise activity. Taking part in a range of fundraising activities for local, national and global charities, including pupil-led Lenten activities in KS2.
Leading Learners
Sharing their talents and skills, children celebrate their gifts and uniqueness. Children explore how learning behaviour and dispositions are key to helping them to learn effectively and feel positive about themselves as learners.  

During the academic year we will make curriculum links within topics to help give purpose, set the scene or inspire pupils with their learning.

Examples of the St Dunstan’s Curriculum in practice.

Leading Learners     
sdc1 sdc2 sdc3
Year 6 children share their learning from individual projects to explore the range of inventions of the Golden Age of Islamic Civilisation.  Children in year 5 share their talents with a partner to show how unique each one of us as well as highlighting essential learning dispositions we need to learn a new skill. 
International St Dunstan’s
sdc5 sdc4 sdc6 sdc7
Children wrote Christmas messages in their home language, sharing and celebrating their cultural heritage.  In Year 4 children learn about European cities.   Year 5 made pen pals in 2017 with children in a town in America.  Year 2 learn about the cultural heritage of India in their topic. 

Fundraising and Enterprise

All year groups take part to support a local charity during Advent. Pupils donated an item to the Christmas hamper appeal for the Woking Lions.  

Community Matters

sdc10           sdc9  sdc11 
Children in Year 4 visit the local synagogue and Year 6 visit the mosque to understand more about our local communities  Pupil Voice representatives visit The Houses of Parliament each year to learn more about democracy. 

Healthy Lifestyles

Children learn about healthy food choices during D and T as well as in Cooking Club and our school chef, Mr Hodges talks to classes about healthy lunches. 
sdc13                           sdc12

sdc13  Sports Leaders are selected to help lead active playtimes on the KS1 and KS2 playgrounds.  
Year 6 visit Woking Football Club each year to learn how to keep themselves safe in a range of situations.  sdc15 
Keen to be Green
sdc16  sdc17  sdc18 
Children all take part in regular eco campaigns and money raised is spent by the Eco-Council to help improve the eco nature of the school.  2017 Baking Competition to raise awareness of how we are the caretakers of God’s world.   Children visit the WWF building to learn more about world concerns and how they can help.  

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