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School Policies

Admissions Pupil Learning
Supplementary Information Form for admission in 2016 – 2017   Homework
St. Dunstan's Catholic Primary School Admission Policy and Procedures 2016 – 2017   Homework Procedures and Guidelines
School managed application for in year admission to school during 2016/17   Learning and Teaching
St. Dunstan’s Catholic Primary School admission appeals timetable   Off Site and Educational Visits
St Dunstan's Catholic Primary School Admission Policy 2017-2018 - determined   Religious Education
St Dunstan’s Catholic Primary School Supplementary Information Form 2017 - 2018 - determined   Special Educational Needs
Admissions Appeals Timetable 2017 Relationships and Sex Education
St Dunstan's Woking Amissions Policy determined 2018-2019    
St Dunstan's Woking SIF determined 2018-2019   Finance and Building
    Charging and Remissions
Welfare and Inclusion Lettings and Community Use
Accessibility Plan    
Attendance and Punctuality   Data Protection
Parents' Guide to Attendance and Punctuality   Privacy Notice (Pupils)
On-Line   Privacy Notice (Staff)
Anti-Bullying   Freedom of Information
Child Protection    
Exclusion of Pupils  
Extended Schools
Home School Agreement  
Mobile Phones  
Photographic and Video Use  
Photo/Video Consent Form  
Preventing Radicalisation and Extremism  
Administration of Medicines and Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions  
Pupil Premium  
Surrey County Council's Policy on Pupils' Health and the Administration of Medicines  
Safeguarding Children Statement  
Touch and the Use of Restrictive Physical Intervention  
Sun Protection Procedures and Guidelines
Concerns and Complaints  
Responding to Parental Complaints and Concerns about Surrey County Council Schools  
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