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Year 1 Topic Rationale 
Summer 2nd half term
My Imagination

Grandad's Secret GiantThis term our overarching theme for learning in Year 1 is “My Imagination”. We will be concentrating on the principle of creativity, which will allow us to explore, reflect and polish our learning. Over the previous two terms children have developed their writing ability and have increased their writing stamina. Therefore, we are excited that they will now get the opportunity to produce their own creative writing. Using a variety of fantasy books such as ‘The Dragon Machine’ by Helen Ward and ‘Tell Me a Dragon’ by Jackie Morris as inspiration, the children will plan and write their own stories featuring different animals and creatures. They will then create a story book to share with the children in Reception.

Following on from our mythical creature story writing, the children will bring their imaginary characters to life through art work. Pupils will use oil pastels to create vibrant dragon scales and eyes, and will have the opportunity to use clay to create dragon eggs.

For our science learning, the children will be studying everyday materials. This topic will allow for lots of practical learning opportunities when children will compare and group a variety of materials in their classrooms and surrounding areas. To further enhance their understanding of materials and help them to describe their properties, children will design and build shelters. They will have to use their knowledge to decide which materials will be best for the purpose of a shelter.

In maths, the children will continue to build on their understanding of place value and begin to look at numbers up to 100. Following on from this we will continue our learning of measurement. We will begin by exploring position and direction, and the children will have the opportunity to programme ‘Beebots’ to move in different directions. Next, we will teach the children to tell the time. Pupils will cover o’clock and half-past times, and will have the opportunity to draw their own clocks. The final topic of the year will be money. This links to our RHE topic and children will be learning to recognise coins in addition to thinking about concepts such as saving.
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