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Year 3 Topic Rationale
Summer 2nd half term
What is the legacy of the Ancient Greeks?

Surrey HillsThe children will begin this topic by using their chronological understanding to recognise that Ancient Civilisations spanned over a long period of time. They will compare Ancient Greece to other known time periods, including the Stone Age and Ancient Egypt. They will develop their understanding of the nature of ancient civilisations through learning about how the Ancient Greeks lived their lives, their beliefs and their achievements. There will be a particular focus on the lasting legacy of the Olympic Games and the impact this has had on modern-day sports and culture. Looking at legacy in relation to their own lives, the children will explore how Ancient Greeks contributed to the development of mathematics and science. Developing their understanding of how to construct historical arguments, they will explain the significance of the Ancient Greeks on the western world.

In English, we will read ‘A Visitor’s Guide to Ancient Greece’, alongside a range of other non-fiction texts. The final piece of writing will be an information text about one aspect of Ancient Greek life. Developing their writing skills, the children will consider the purpose and audience when writing, particularly focusing on writing to inform. This will deepen their understanding of, not only the differences between modern-day and Ancient Greek life, but the legacy of the Ancient Greeks.
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