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Children's Learning

"Catholic schools are ambitious for high achievement and high standards across the school. Success is often described in terms of academic outcomes, though schools themselves recognise and award pupil achievement in many ways. High achievement is for everyone. It is inclusive of all abilities and in line with the school’s hopes for every child. So it is right that every Catholic school, reflects well on what it hopes for, reflects on how the learning experience offered in the school contributes to full human growth for everyone, so that the young are clearly on the road to become the people God intends."

Taken from 'The Distinctive nature of the Catholic School'

Educating our children to be good people, is our highest priority.  We aim to prepare all children for their next stage in life and learning but also to prepare them to know how they can help make the world a better place. 

Throughout our bespoke curriculum, we aim to develop character.  We provide opportunities for children to look out into the world rather than looking inwards at themselves.

Today children are exposed to a wealth of information via different forms of media; they hear about climate change, conflicts around the world, poverty and the rise of refugees seeking safety. It is of vital importance that through our curriculum, the children feel both informed and empowered to face these uncertainties: to feel they can help to make a difference to their world, no matter how small. 

The curriculum prepares all children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences for their future.  It provides them with the knowledge and skills to be happy and successful life-long learners and to weather the storms and waves of life.

All children are different, they have different backgrounds and experiences. Therefore our curriculum is tailored to our community of children, so all can ‘see’ themselves in the learning and appreciate the purpose of their learning. Through the curriculum, we ensure we teach the children what they need to know and do, to be successful academically but also to develop their ‘human wholeness’. 

We believe we make a tangible impact on the children’s personal development which in turn leads to outstanding academic attainment.

“The school is not a complacent one in its continuous drive for excellence. The promotion of the whole person, ‘human wholeness’ as described by the school, underpins all aspects of children’s learning and experiences at the school.”

Section 48 Inspection 2019