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Class Reps

The Role of the Class Rep at St. Dunstan’s School

The overall aim of the class rep is to be a link in the chain to develop the community cohesion with the school. We are very grateful to our parents who put themselves forward and volunteer for this role.

Specifically the role of class reps is to :

  • To make contact with the class teacher at the beginning of the school year in order to develop a positive relationship and initiate good communication.
  • To be willing to share their contact details, phone numbers and email address with other parents/carers in the class.
  • To encourage parental participation in school life by positively promoting school activities and events.
  • To be pro-active in welcoming new families who join the school.
  • To ensure that all communication via social media, Whatsapp, email  etc.. related to the school follows the example of Jesus and the values of the Gospel.
  • To be willing to organise/co-ordinate social engagements for the parents and carers in the class to meet up and get to know each other if they wish.
  • To encourage any parent/carer who has a concern to contact the appropriate member of staff in school and to assure the parent that the teacher/staff member concerned would want to be able to resolve any concerns/difficulties with them together.
  • To help to find parents in the class who would be willing to take a turn running the class’ ‘Tuck Table’ and/or take a turn helping at FoSD events and activities.
  • To support the work of the FoSD and liaise with parents in the class.
  • To help recruit a successor at the end of the year!

School office based contact details for our class reps:

Mrs R. Turner - school office point of contact