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“It must be remembered that the purpose of education is not to fill the minds of students with facts… it is to teach them to think, and always to think for themselves.”

Robert Hutchins (Education Philosopher)

We have designed our curriculum to support learners to effectively learn the key information- the ‘need to know’ knowledge- and the essential vocabulary.  This new learning is carefully sequenced into small manageable steps which build on prior learning and skills.  By giving pupils time to practise this new learning, again and again and in different ways, the new learning is connected to older, established learning and committed to their long term memory.

By having a focus on vocabulary instruction, children are able to develop their vocabulary bank and to support them to discuss their learning confidently and accurately. 

Our approach to learning is about carefully designing memorable learning opportunities for pupils to think hard about their new and existing learning, to be able to apply it and think creatively with it. Our curriculum expectations are high for all pupils.  We provide high challenge in a low threat manner- we expertly teach the pupils the knowledge and skills as well as the learning tools to be able to confidently ‘tackle’ learning challenges.  Through expert teaching and carefully planned learning, we inspire and motivate children to learn and succeed. 

"Pupils relish the interesting opportunities the school provides. They understand the high standards expected in all areas of school life and rise to these confidently."