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Packed Lunches

We actively encourage all children to have meals prepared on site by our kitchen. Lunchtime staff encourage the children to eat with a knife and fork, secure good table manners and to try different foods. However, if parents do wish to send a packed lunch for their child, we hope the following information is helpful in deciding what should go in to a packed lunch:

No single food contains all the essential nutrients the body needs to be healthy, so it is important that the content of the packed lunch is varied. Please see the NHS website that helps parents plan healthy packed lunches for their children:

What about snacks such as crisps, cakes, pastries and sweets?

These foods should only be given occasionally. Children will then appreciate them more. If these foods are included in packed lunches the child might eat these first and not have the appetite to eat the other foods that will provide them with the important nutrients they need to grow and develop, be healthy and active.
Sweets may not be brought to school in packed lunches.

If you require further advice or support please contact Mrs. A. O’Donovan via the school office.