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Provision Map

At St. Dunstan’s Catholic Primary school we place a great emphasis on the early identification of a child’s barriers to learning and also to how they are coping with the fullness of school life.

We put in adjustments and sometimes interventions to help to alleviate these barriers and we record the impact on the child’s One Page Profile.

There are 3 school-based stages of support:

Ordinarily Availible Provision-all children

All children recieve good quality, inclusive teaching everyday as part of our quality first teaching pedagogy. This means that our teaching staff are highly skilled in delivering teaching and learning to children with a range of needs so that they can access the curriculum fully.

Additional/ Enhanced  Provision –some children

Some children receive specific additional intervention. This may take place within the classroom or outside of the classroom. Interventions are often targetted at a group of children with similar needs but may also be individualised. Progress is monitored and recorded on the child’s one –page profile. Teachers will also answer any questions regarding interventions at parents evenings.

Personalised Provison –a few children

A few children receive targetted intervention, often wth professional involvement. At this stage parents are working closely with the school and are aware of their child’s needs and which professionals are involved. Reports or targets are shared with parents.

Provision Map