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School Uniform


The main school colours are maroon and grey.

At St. Dunstan’s we are very proud of our school uniform. Wearing school uniform smartly is an important sign of pride in the school, and pride in self.  We therefore expect all children to wear the correct school uniform.  

Click here for the school uniform list.

All St. Dunstan’s School uniform bearing the school’s logo is available from Valentino, Knaphill.  

The Friends of St. Dunstan’s maintain a supply of pre-loved school uniform and regular sales take place after school. Parents are encouraged to donate uniform that their child has outgrown. This also positively contributes to our desire to ‘recycle, reuse and restore’!

Please make sure that all your child’s school uniform is labelled with their name.

P.E. Kit – (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6)

The PE kit for Key Stage 2 is supplied via the Friends of St. Dunstan’s.

  • Silver and burgundy polo shirt
  • Burgundy shorts
  • Burgundy tracksuit

All supplied by Ribeiro through FOSD - order form on school website here


Children are expected to come to school looking clean and smart each day. Fashion-wear and styles are not part of our school uniform.  Hair should not be cut any shorter than Grade 2. Shaven hair, hair dye and colour in hair are not permitted. Hairstyles which are extreme, which includes hairstyles where the sides are much shorter than the top / back, where lines / patterns are shaved into the hair are not permitted. Any hair which is shoulder length or longer must be tied back at all times. Any hair accessories must be burgundy, blue or black and flat to the head. 


Jewellery should not be worn in school because it may be lost or damaged and, in the case of earrings, they can be a danger.

If you are thinking of having your child’s ears pierced, please arrange for it to be done at the beginning of the school holiday in the summer as children may not attend school wearing earrings or earring keepers.