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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

The overarching theme for Year 4 is journeys. Over the year, the children explore different types of journeys people go on through life, both physical and spiritual, and the reasons why people make these journeys. Historical journeys made by the Romans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings are considered with a focus on understanding the reasons for their migration. As we journey through the liturgical seasons, the children have the opportunity to grow in faith and become closer to God. Looking outward to the wider world, the children connect with how refugees are displaced during times of conflict. By understanding these different types of journeys, the children will have a greater awareness of how change can affect their own and other people’s lives.

As part of the St. Dunstan’s Curriculum, the children learn about the importance of communities. Equality and diversity are explored so they develop an appreciation of the rich and varied cultures that form our school, parish and local communities. Serving our community is also an integral part of our curriculum, as we encourage children to reflect upon how they can live out the Gospel Values through acts of service.  

Year 4 Learning

English End of Year Expectations

Maths End of Year Expectations