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Swimming at St. Dunstan's School

We are very fortunate to have an outdoor pool which allows all of our pupils to swim during the summer term. The pool is 12m by 6m and is heated to a minimum of 30˚C and has a depth of 1m. There are two heated changing rooms for pupils in Key Stage 2 to use.

Learning to swim is a vital skill and could ensure a child’s survival if they were to fall into water, we believe that swimming is an important life skill and we aim to ensure all children leave St. Dunstan’s with the ability to swim at least 25m. Our year 6 pupils also have opportunities to develop Water Safety Skills such as rescuing someone and to learn the Water Code for different bodies of water.

Swimming galaThe Woking Swimming Gala

Each year we enter the Woking Swimming Gala held at The Pool in the Park where children from Woking primary schools are invited to take part in the competitive swimming races. Children are selected from swimming lessons with representatives from years three to six.  In 2018 we won the gala for an unprecedented 4th time in 5 years which is a fantastic achievement. We are very blessed to have a wide, strong core group of children who swim regularly and through their endeavour and dedication secured first place once again.

Woking Swimming Club

woking swimmingWe enjoy having close links to Woking Swimming Club and will always look to signpost our new swimmers in EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 to attend the club trials. Please do contact them for details, if you would like your child to attend a trial. It is good for children to start early, but WSC are always happy for you to contact them regarding the dates of trials. Anybody wanting to join Woking Swimming Club should contact them via their website www.wokingsc.co.uk .


To ensure all children leave school swimming at least 25m and are confident around water, we keep records and provide extra swimming lessons for children who would benefit from developing greater confidence and stamina in the water.

For Years 2 and 6, in the end of year report there is an additional swimming comment in the PE section, to inform parents of their child’s swimming ability. In year 6, there is confirmation that their child is able to swim 25m.

Swimming 2019

Swimming commences on Monday 29th April and the final lesson will be held on the 12th July (there may be a few catch up sessions in the final week of term).

Our swimming teachers are Mrs Rose Freeland, Mrs Briant, Ms Lake and Mrs Hutchinson.

On the day of your child’s lesson please could you ensure they have their swimming bag with all of their kit clearly labelled. For safety in the pool, girls wear a full swimming costume and boys wear trunks (no bikinis or bermuda shorts please). All children will require a swimming hat to swim. These can be purchased from any sports shop, leisure centre or from the school office (£1.25). Please write your child’s name in waterproof black pen on the outside of your child’s swimming hat so the teacher can identify children easily in the water. To allow the children to keep warm when they leave the pool, please provide a towel or towelling robe that is big enough to wrap round themselves. Children in key stage 1 walk to the pool, so they will need a suitable pair of shoes; croc style shoes rather than flip flop shoes as these are often difficult to walk in.

Children swim in like abilities in a group size of approximately 15. For non-swimmers we ask for you to provide armbands and if your child would prefer to wear goggles, they must be able to put them on and off independently.

We are extremely lucky in our school to have the opportunity each year to use the pool and give every child the chance to gain confidence in the water. If your child is well enough to be in school but maybe suffering from a cough or cold, we do encourage you to send their swimming bag in still. If you strongly feel that your child, on rare exceptions, should not swim for health reasons, please send a letter to the class teacher. We would expect this to be a one-off exceptional circumstance and not a weekly occurrence! Swimming is an important priority within the national curriculum, and more significantly is an extremely vital life skill.

Please find below a timetable, this may change on some occasions where there is a clash due to Bank holidays, trips or INSETs. Any changes will be relayed to you via the class teacher. If you have any questions, please contact your class teacher.

Monday 6M  6B 6J RC 2MM
Tuesday 3C  4A   RB 2TM
Wednesday 5M  5F 5P 1JB 2C
Thursday 3A  4E   1F 1B
Friday 3P  4C   RT *Confidence swims

*This year we will be offering confidence swims to those that we feel would benefit from extra support! We will let you prior to this happening and will aim to offer this to as many year groups as possible.
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