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At St. Dunstan’s we have a high regard for PE and sport, it therefore represents a significant part of school life. We provide a wide range of opportunities for the children to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding so that they can perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities. Our vision is to offer our children a curriculum that has one of the most generous arrays of sports in the area. We aim to maintain the breadth of sports on offer and always seek to find new sports to engage our pupils in.

In Key Stage 1, we provide the children with a solid foundation of skills, focusing on and improving the children’s ABC’s (in sporting terms, referred to as Agility, Balance and Coordination). As with every subject, if children do not learn the fundamentals first, then they will potentially struggle later! So we structure inspiring and energetic activities in a safe learning environment for all children to take part in.

As the children move through Key Stage Two, we start to encourage healthy competition, but our core values continue to be embedded in our lessons. Respecting others, celebrating successes and acknowledging the ability of others are a critical part of sport. PE and sport is inclusive of all, every child has the opportunity to thrive and compete, regardless of ability and understanding.

Trying to find things we love in life can sometimes be tricky. As a school, we are passionately committed to helping our young children arm themselves with as many opportunities to find something they really enjoy. Being active and enjoying it, can have so many positive repercussions mentally, physically and socially.

Our focus is to continue providing fun challenge and to encourage everyone to be as actively involved in the sporting community as they can. Lunchtime competitions, interhouse competitions, friendly tournaments, festivals, as well as inter school competitive activities, see many of our children have the chance to compete. We compete in three areas with our local Woking schools. These are classed as, “inspire”, “aspire” and “higher” competitions. These enable all children the opportunity to represent the school, even if they are just starting out along their sporting journey.

Additionally, we are pleased and extremely driven to provide a wide range of extra-curricular sports clubs such as dance, athletics, netball, football, dodgeball, rugby, running, golf, rounders, lacrosse and gymnastics.

Despite the euphoria we can feel, sport is not about winning. Rather it is about creating a love for physical activity and all the joy that comes with it. It is about creating fun, allowing the children to explore new things in a safe environment and to connect with others. This is why sport is at the forefront for St. Dunstan’s and we will always look to offer sport for ALL, not just the select few!

Gold School Games Mark Award

Your School Games - Gold School Games MarkWe are proud to share that since 2018, we have been accredited with the School Games Gold Mark: based on our extensive PE curriculum, wide range of sporting options, talent pathways, school and club links, vast and worthwhile leadership opportunities, extra-curricular sport and having an array of sports teams compete at the highest levels.