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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

This is a very exciting time for children – the culmination of their time at primary school and a stepping stone to secondary education.

We aim to celebrate this final stage in their journey throughout the year whilst developing the skills and knowledge that will enable our pupils to have strong foundations as they move on. 

We begin with a focus on the importance of leading by example and how this starts with the relationships we develop and maintain with our friends.   We provide opportunities to shine as leaders through house captain roles, leading religious services and supporting pupils in other year groups.

As we progress through the year, our focus turns to the skills which will help children shine as learners.  Independence is built through increasing responsibilities. We aspire for children to become self-regulated learners – scrutinising and reflecting on their learning, and with guidance making their own choices on how to improve.  

This year is a milestone in your child’s learning journey and we finish with a joyous reflection on how far they have come as learners and as individuals through a celebration of the learning and their faith.

Year 6 Learning

English End of Year Expectations

Maths End of Year Expectations